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7. OpenCSGO.com (1$)
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How To Get Free CSGO Skins
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4. Caserandom.com
Caserandom.com is proud to offer our users an opportunity to open
various cases and receive unique skins. Over 50 types cases for opening, including cheap random knife case (only for 59$), Live drop and Live customer support.
Open cases via web, Android or iOS.


6. Ragecase.gg
RageCase.gg is the ultimate go-to website for all Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans! Browse all of our custom made cases. They guarantee that you will find some amazing and unique skins in their cases! Don’t like the skin you got? You can sell it instantly and try another case!

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Best CS GO Jackpot Site CSBets.net
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This site gives their users the abillity to play many csgo gambling games. Login via Steam and use the Code BESTCS to get your free Credits.​​

CSGO-Case.com (150 Tokens)

CSGO-Case.com is a Great website with many csgo gambling games and a really good market! This is the most fun way to multiply your skins since there are many different games to choose from!
Login and press on "FREE $" to enter your code.

CSGORoll.com (0.50$)

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Roll the dice and get easy skins.

Same structure like CSGODiamonds.


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New and fresh concept which gives their users the ability
to gain free coins in many ways.

Code for Wildcase: FRESH500
This is also a simple free case opening site like the other sites listed here but it gives the user the abillity to place create their own cases and open community created cases.

DrakeLounge.com (5$)

Code for DrakeLounge:BESTCS

DrakeLounge.com is the perfect way to get paid for your knowledge in CS:GO Teams & Matches. Bet like the good old times on Lounge and get Skins by using your Strategies & Knowledge


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DrakeMoon.com is one of the best CSGO Case Opening Sites out there. It features many cases and gives you the abillity to play for free with the DrakeMoon Promocode BESTCS


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Post the affiliate code in the chat to activate it!

Code for Dropgun: @Kurow

This website has a big spectrum of cases and is similiar to sites like Opencsgo

CSGOCrash.com (100 Coins)
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​Code for CSGOSpeed: 8C1EFB55B8




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​kickback.com (50 Rubies)

CSGOWheel.com (50 Coins)



Olimp.us (10 Coins)


Great site for low bets because its possible to deposit skins with a minimum value of 0.15$.

Best CS GO Jackpot Site CSBets.net
Best CS GO Jackpot Site CSBets.net

Code for SkinJoker: IMMQV5ZW

1. SkinJoker.com
SkinJoker.com is the most fun way to gamble with skins. If you're searching for low-middle pots this is the best way to go!

CS GO Roulette Free Coins CSGOPolygon.com
skinjoker.com free Coins Code IMMQV5ZW
Best CS GO Jackpot Site CSBets.net
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On these Sites you have the Option to earn free CSGO Skins by playing Roulette. Bet on Red, Black or Green and get those free CSGO Skins. Always use the free CSGO Promo Codes below or Fresh500 to get your free Credits! Many free CSGO Skins sites hide their free CSGO Gambling Coins button in a menu at the top right (by clicking on your profile picture).

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Code for CSGOFast: 182CNV

8. CSGOFast.com
The Godfather of CSGO betting sites. This site is here to stay and is available since CSGO betting has started. This is the best place for high bets.

csgotower.com code BESTCS for free Coins


11. CSGORoll.com (0.50$)
CSGORoll.com is a Dice, Roulette or Crash website with a big market! Use your bonus coins to get to the top or participate in their Summer Ticket Giveaways.

FREE CSGO SKins GAMBLING, Giveaway, raffle sites

Best CS GO Case Opening Site Hellcase.com

On this page you can find the best websites to gamble for free with csgo items and get some free csgo skins

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SkinArena.com biggest gambling Site CSGO Betting
Jackpot & other sites
csgostep.com free skins csgo logo transparent
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This is a List of free CSGO Skins Websites with many ways to get free Skins. Most of the time it is a free CSGO Jackpot site or sometimes a Site that has mixed games like CSGO Roulette or CSGO Blackjack for example. Always use the free CSGO Promo Codes below or Fresh500 to get your free Credits! Many free CSGO Skins sites hide their free CSGO Coins button in a menu at the top right (click on your profile picture).


12. RazeCards.com
RazeCards.com is a new website with a really fresh csgo Scratchcard gambling system and really fast bots! A new way to multiply your skins with a great new experience.

Press on the "+" Icon on the right top after you login and enter the Code "BESTCS" for your FREE Case.

opencsgo.com free coins code @MYMONEY

CSGOHandouts.com (300 Coins)

Free Coins by logging in via Steam and using our link. This is one of the better free csgo dice sites because of the great and big community it has and the very unique design.


Code for CSGOFast: 182CNV

The Godfather of CSGO betting sites. This site is here to stay and is available since CSGO betting has started. This is the best place for high bets.​​

CSGO500.com (1000 Coins)

Code for CSGO500: BESTCS
This is my absolute favorite csgo gambling site to multiply my own skins since you have a big roulette wheel to earn fast skins on this site. Use our Promo Code BESTCS to receive your free coins.

DrakeWing.com (1$)
Code for DrakeWing: BESTCS

Choose from many different games and start betting! Use Promocode BESTCS for free 1$​

Challengeskins.com (100 Coins)
Code for Challengeskins: FRESH500
Great free csgo roulette site with another unique and never seen design that is really outstanding from the other websites.


Code for Bets.gg:BESTCS


2. SkinArena.com

One of the biggest CS:GO gambling sites. Most up-to date csgo betting platform. Very user friendly and well built. Highly recommended for users to visit SkinArena.com

Code for Hellcase: FRESH500

​​​​3. Hellcase.com (Sponsor)
Hellcase.com is the best Site to open FREE CSGO Cases! Press on the "+" Icon on the right top after you login and enter the Code "FRESH500" for your FREE Case. Try your luck now with your free coins and maybe you will unbox your dream knife!

Farmskins.com free csgo case

​​​​​​​​​​​​CODE Farmskins: bestcs

10. Farmskins.com
Great CSGO Case Opening Site with many cases. Press on the "+" Icon on the right top after you login and enter the Code "bestcs" for your FREE Credits. Use the daily bonus Case to get your free Credits!

Promocode: Fresh500
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5. CSGOStep.com
CSGOStep.com - is fully fair by proving winner drawing through random org. Also they have everyday giveaways for their users. Join & try your luck on csgostep.com!

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CSGOFast Jackpot site

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Promocode: Fresh500

for almost every site used here!

Best CS GO Jackpot Site CSBets.net

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9. CSGOPolygon.com
Simple roulette site with a unique design. Get instant coins to play with by using the Promocode above. 
Press on "Free Coins" to activate the Promocode.